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Our Voice & Tone Never Lie

Tapping into Relationships Affirmations

Tapping into Health Affirmations

Pre-Fasting Tapping

Tapping for Fasting

Tapping for Breaking a Fast

Transform Frustration & Disappointment

Tapping into Healing Relationships.

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ABC's of Tapping

Tapping on Stress

Tapping on Prosperity

5 Gates of Self Love

Tapping into REST!

10 Mantras for Your

      Being with Silence

Release the Old & Choose the New!

Tapping For Your Newborn You!

Inspired Action!

Saying NO

Tapping on Compassion

Tapping on Balance!

Tapping on Abundance!

Affirmations for Grief and Loss!

Affirmations for Spirituality!

Tapping into Body Attunement

Release the Clouds of
Judgement & Criticism

Turning toward the Positive

    From Panic to Peace

         Changing Mindset

        Morning Mantras

       Mantras for Calm

Tapping from Insecurity to Confidence

Anxiety about the Future

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