Shakti offers coaching packages from the comforts of your own home.   All sessions take place via Zoom, and you will receive the recording link. 

Coaching Programs: 

Jump Start: Three Sessions to help you get started on your self love and success journey.   Get the support you need to make some shifts and create new habits to propel you forward to your dream. Plus access to Shakti's Self-Love Tap-Alongs.

Leap Forward: Six Sessions to help you Leap Forward as you're making a transition.   Learn tools to help you create success.  Get the support and guidance you need and deserve.  Plus access to Shakti's Self-Love Tap-Alongs.

Transform from Inside Out: Twelve Sessions to release the old stories, imprints, and roadblocks in your way so you can transform your limiting beliefs into empowering thoughts and actions to create the life you desire. Plus access to Shakti's Self-Love Tap-Alongs.

Individual Sessions: Shakti offers 90 minute sessions live or online for specific issues.   Most issues require multiple sessions, and a one time visit maybe perfect for clearing what's in your way to move to your Next Level. 


In Person Sessions: For those who are in the lower Puna area, you can consider an in person session.  You'll enjoy the beauty and serenity in our temple space.   Receive guidance based on your individual needs and priorities.   Learn tools that you can take with you to clear and clean the past so you can create the present you want to step into. 









Group Sessions:
Shakti offers weekly tapping groups called Tapping into Love.   Each class is 90 minutes long and can be attended live or recorded. Tapping in groups allows participants to receive the benefits from the variety of issues covered as well as creating a  shared reality.  Private group tapping sessions are available for retreats and couples.  Often learning a new tool together can be bonding and complementary.  Available for couples also who want to perfect their ability to love.   

Get a Recording from a Tapping into Love Class: Shakti leads you through a Water blessing grounding meditation. You'll be guided into questions to dive into your particular issue so that you can become more aware and acknowledge what is going on for you. Shakti will help you transform your emotions, thoughts and feelings with tapping and will show you some special techniques to reprogram your old story so that you can move on.










Free Discovery/Strategy Session

To see if Shakti can help you or is the right match for you, sign up for a free Discovery/ Clarity Session where you will: 

*Create a crystal clear vision for your desires and goals..

*Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success. 

*Discover some strategies to help you move forward!

*Leave with some action steps to help you get the results you want.



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