About Shakti: 


Shakti brings 3 decades of her training in energy psychology, hypnotherapy, EFT,   and communication,  to the table as she coaches women into empowerment.

Having reinvented herself from a Realtor, to a homesteader/Communitarian, to Circus Teacher & Community Coordinator, she is the founder of a Puna Happenings- a local hub for local events  ,  the co-founder of a non-profit organization, Girls to Women Mentoring Hawaii, and the owner of her own Coaching Business-Integrated Energy Balancing.

Shakti has gathered tools for transformation that she utilizes in her life and shares with her clients around the world.  She is known for moving energy and leading women to find their voice and inner wisdom.

Her Self Love Journey began with the birth of her daughter where she came face to face with death and made the choice to live.  Having realized she had been “judging herself to death” , she changed her name to “Shakti" to remind herself of the creative energy inside us all.

Committed to growth and learning she formed an intentional community where she thought she would grow old in community. and ultimately die there.  However, after 9 years, the community fell a part and she was faced with a big decision. Should she stay or go? When she realized that the community was losing more people than it was serving,  she asked the pivotal question, “What would life look like if I didn’t live in Community?"    Her catalyzing moment  came when the clouds parted in the sky above her, revealing the hidden stars,  and she got the answer, “You would be free.‘’

Shakti reinvented herself, as a single mom   and dedicated herself to learning tools for self love.  After a 9 month period of immersion in spiritual practices and study, she came to a place of overwhelming joy and love within herself where she had the joyful tears of being alive and wanting to share this with someone else.   The very next day, she re-met Lorn,  and they have been together ever since creating a life filled with love, service and gratitude.

All of us are born with gifts and talents. Our mission is to harvest these and shine brightly. This is why Shakti coined the phrase “Find the Star Within”.  We all deserve to be happy and thrive.  If you resonate with these ideals, then Shakti is  the coach for you.

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